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The School for Environment and Sustainability (SEAS) at the University of Michigan is home to the JDM Lab.

SEAS is mainly a school for professional Masters students; this means that the capstone experience for most Masters students in SEAS is a project (which is akin to a group consulting project for a client). All Masters students in the JDM Lab have opted out of the capstone project during their first few months in the SEAS Masters program, and have chosen instead to work on a research-based thesis. [You can read about the difference between a Masters Project and a Masters Thesis in SEAS here.]

A call for students interested in working on a thesis in the JDM Lab is usually made during the fall, and is open only to first year students who have already joined SEAS. In some instances, students have conditionally committed to joining the JDM Lab as a thesis student provided they are admitted to the SEAS Masters program. Either way, it is not possible to officially join the JDM Lab as a thesis student until after you have officially been admitted to SEAS.

Students are selected to work on a thesis in the JDM Lab based on their fit with the lab’s research agenda. Before seeking a spot in the lab, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our research. The best way to gain an understanding of our research is to take a look at some of our prior projects here, at Google Scholar, or at ResearchGate.  

Note: Funding beyond the direct costs associated with data collection is rarely provided to students working on a thesis in the JDM Lab.

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