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Our research team is comprised of people who are interested in two things: Learning about how people make judgments and decisions in the absence of formal decision-support tools and approaches, and finding ways to help people overcome challenges and obstacles to “high quality” decision-making.

We understand that when it comes to judgments and decisions made under conditions of risk and uncertainty, it’s impossible to guarantee optimal outcomes. So, our approach to decision quality is based on the idea that decisions can be classified as better when they account for the best available information that is available to decision-makers, and when they reflect decision-makers’ prioritized values and concerns.

Because our research is contextually and methodologically diverse, the students and post-doctoral associates who work — and who have worked — in the JDM Lab come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds; they include biology, business, communication, ecology, economics, environmental studies, geography, psychology, and sociology.

Graduates of the lab have gone on to careers as professors at major universities, as leaders in government and business, and as analysts and consultants.

The current team is comprised of:

Dr. Joe Árvai, Professor

Dr. Caitlin Drummond, Post-Doctoral Associate

Dr. Merriam Haffar, Post-Doctoral Associate

Alex Cohen, PhD Student

Sara Goto-Gray, PhD Student

Lauren Lutzke, PhD Student

Connor Larkin, Masters Student

Kimberly Ludas, Masters Student

Sanghamitra Sen, Masters Student

If you are interested in joining us, click here.

For a list of JDM Lab alumni, click here.